Create surveys, polls and custom tests. Send out the web link to the test in a variety of ways: in an e-mail; as a link in a shared OneNote document; or embed in a webpage or in OneNote Online.

People can respond to it using any web browser, even on mobile devices. You can provide automatic feedback based on the answers chosen, and automatically mark the test if it is all multiple choice questions. You can also review all the tests submitted back to you and provide further feedback if required. Form data, such as test results, can be easily exported to Excel for additional analysis or grading.


Tell Me A bit More. Why Should I Use Microsoft Forms?

Microsoft Forms was developed for the education market, and provides an easy way to asses pupils progress on a regular basis. Some of the things that you can do with Microsoft Forms are:

  • Create multiple choice tests that mark themselves, and can even give feedback to pupils as they complete them.
  • Include mathematical symbols in your questions e.g. x, y2 , <, ≥, √, ÷ etc.
  • Add a picture or video to a question.
  • Create tests that require longer text answers, and that you can then assess and provide feedback on.
  • Easily distribute tests via links, QR codes, e-mail or embed them in web pages.
  • Integrate with other Office 365 products, for example embed a test in OneNote or Sway.
  • Collaborate with other teachers on the creation of a test by sharing with each other.
  • Easily access real-time summary information about your test, such as number of responses, average score, and test's current status.
  • Drill down into that summary information for further analysis, or export to excel.
  • Share your test with other teachers and collaborate on its creation.
  • Use branching to create more elaborate tests.
  • Use Forms for surveys and feedback questionnaries as well, including anonymous responses; for example a survey to parents.

forms get started

If you would like to learn more about Forms then visit

If you just want to dive straight on in and have a go at creating a test or survey then just head over to and click on get started. Remember, you need an Office 365 account, and you'll be prompted to login if you aren't already signed in to Office 365.

Alternatively, if you are already in Office 365, just click on the Forms tile on the app launcher. 

o365 forms tiles