Sway allows you to create interactive, digital presentations that can easily be shared and viewed on the web, on any device.

  • Add text, pictures, videos, audio and more.
  • The QuickStarter feature allows you to enter a topic, and Sway will automatically find content that you may want to include.
  • Share with the world, just your friends via social media, or just send the link to a select group of people.
  • View on your computer, phone or tablet. It is proper web content and so looks great on all devices.

To get started with Sway, visit sway.com in any browser and then click Sign in on the top menu bar.

Tell Me A Bit More. Why Should I Use Sway?

Sway makes it quick and easy to create and share polished, interactive reports, presentations, personal stories and more. 

Start by adding your own text and pictures. Sway can then suggest searches to help you find relevant images, videos, tweets and other content that you can drag and drop directly into your creation. This makes it easy for you to bring your Sway to life with interactive content. Include a video to talk about your idea or add an interactive chart to let others dive into the details.

With Sway, there’s no need to spend lots of time on formatting. Its built-in design engine takes care of making your creation look its best. If the initial design doesn’t quite match your taste or mood, you can easily apply another — or fully customize your layout to make it your own. With Sway, you’re no longer limited to picking a pre-designed template that makes your presentations look like everyone else’s, and you don’t have to have any design skills to transform and showcase information in modern, interactive, and attention-getting ways.

It’s super easy to share your finished Sways. Family, friends, classmates, and coworkers can see your creations on the Web without signing up, signing in, or downloading anything. And you can change the privacy settings for any Sway whenever you want more control over what you share.

Scroll through the embedded Sway below to learn even more about what you can do. Yes, you can embed a Sway into another webpage. Or if you prefer just click this link to open the Sway directly from the Sway website. That's similar to how someone would open your Sway if you sent them a link in an e-mail.   


Learn More About Sway

This video introduces the purpose and educational uses of Sway. It also provides an overview of the components of a Sway. Take the full Introduction to Sway course at: http://aka.ms/swayforedu