Office 365 has numerous Security and Compliance features that you can use to keep your data safe and comply with data privacy and governance regulations. Many of these features are available as standard, bundled into the free Office 365 Education subscription. Others are available at an extra cost, and can be easily added for those users that might need them. The tables below summarise the features that are available, along with a couple of extra features that aren't directly related to Office 365 Security and Compliance, but are worth mentioning in this conversation. Read on to find out more.

So you've decided to make the move to Office 365. But there is one question you might be asking. Is my data safe? Rest assured that Microsoft takes the safety of your data very seriously.

  • Security - Office 365 uses a 'defence-in-depth' approach to provide industry-leading security for their datacentres and customer data. Microsoft also give you enterprise-grade user and administrative controls to further secure your data.
  • Compliance - Microsoft's data processing agreement details the privacy, security, and handling of customer data, which helps you comply with local regulations. A specialist compliance team continuously tracks standards and regulations, to ensure that Office 365 stays up to date with any changes, for example GDPR.
  • Privacy - When you entrust your data to Office 365, you remain the sole owner of that data: you retain the rights, title, and interest in the data you store in Office 365. Microsoft's policy is to not mine your data for advertising purposes or use your data except for purposes consistent with providing you cloud productivity services.