Schools ICT has been hard at work negotiating a great new deal with Sophos for Anti-Virus protection for North Yorkshire schools.  The current contract runs out on the 10th June 2019 and we want to make sure that schools have protection against malicious threats.   This offer is open to all our customers, whether you are an existing Sophos user or a school that would be interested in swapping to Sophos as their Threat Protection Software.

This new three-year contract is costed in a different way and the prices are based on the number of devices in your school, not pupil numbers as per the previous contract.  Each Microsoft Windows school device or Apple Mac will need to be included in the upgrade so we are contacting you to gather essential background information in order to ensure your school gets an accurate quote.

Alongside the change in the pricing model, the new contract offers an additional option. The product that has been in Schools for the last three years deals with Viruses* and Malware* protection.  You now have the option to remain with this, or upgrade to Intercept X protection which is able to guard against Ransomware* attacks.

So we'll be offering the following two levels of cover

  • Sophos Advanced protection (in Schools now)
  • Sophos Intercept X (Ransomware protection) - in addition to the above

Under the previous contract the three year cost of licences were purchased upfront in year one and the support was purchased each year.  This time, following feedback from schools we have been able to spread the licence costs over three years.   So for ease of explanation we have shown the annual costs and the full three year costs for each option

Please be aware that accurate device counts are important for quotes.  Too many and you could incur extra costs that can’t be refunded, too few and devices might not be protected.  Additional licenses can be bought at any time after the start of the agreement but are charged at a slightly higher rate. 

Please note this product is just for windows devices and Apple Macs

iPads and Chromebooks are not counted in this as they are not covered by Sophos.  They have their own built-in security to protect against virus attacks.

Endpoint Devices

per year

Full 3 year costs

Sophos Advanced Protection for devices

£1.41 per device

£4.23 per device



Sophos Intercept X for devices (includes Sophos Advanced Protection)

£3.34 per device (plus £1.41) total £4.75

£10.02 per device (plus £4.23) total £14.25


Servers (physical and/or virtual)

per year

Full 3 year costs

Sophos Advanced Protection for servers

£1.41 per server

£4.23 per server



Sophos Intercept X Advanced for Servers

£12.08 per server

£36.24 per server


Support & installation


Unlimited admin and support

£40.00 per school

£120 per school

Intercept X - client installation

One off cost. 

For Schools that take out a Schools ICT S&I Service Level Agreement, the cost to install the new Sophos software client onto to all the schools computers is:

·         1 to 50 devices £300

·         51 to 150 devices £600

·         Over 150 devices or schools that do not take out the Schools ICT S&I Service Level Agreement, please request a quote.



Pricing has now been uploaded to SLA Online, so to look at personalised prices or purchase the product please do the following:

  1. Log into SLA Online and browse to "Schools ICT" expand to find your list of available services.
  2. Find the Sophos area and enter your list of device numbers to receive your personalised quote. Intercept X is not essential and cannot be purchased without Sophos Advanced.
  3. If you just want Sophos Advanced Endpoint, please enter the total amount of Windows/Mac devices plus servers. If you would like Intercept X, servers are counted separately so please enter these in the relevant box.
  4. Checkout your service.

Below is a screen shot of SLA online to show how easy it is to gain a quote. 

sophos slaonline

If you would like any assistance with SLA Online please contact NYES or your Relationship Manager who will be happy to help you.

For schools with a visiting School Technician or our Network Manager they will be more than happy to help with the device count.  Our helpdesk is also available for any help and guidance with this device count - 01609 536086 Option 1.


Please be assured this information will only be used by Schools ICT to enable us to make sure you have the right level of protection in place ready for the switchover in June.  We will not share details with any other organisations.


*Virus is a program that can self-replicate and spreads by infecting other programs or files.

*Malware ie malicious software that is specifically designed to disrupt, damage, or gain unauthorized access to a computer system.

*Ransomware is software that kidnaps files and data and blocks access demands a ransom payment to release them back to the owner

IMPORTANT: If school decides not to purchase Sophos, the school will need to ensure a suitable alternative Anti-virus product has been installed and configured before the 10th June 2019.


If you have any questions please contact us

or call Schools ICT on 01609 536086 Option 1