Schools ICT has been hard at work negotiating a great new deal with Sophos for Anti-Virus protection for North Yorkshire schools.  The current contract runs out on the 10th June 2019 and we want to make sure that schools have protection against malicious threats.   This offer is open to all our customers, whether you are an existing Sophos user or a school that would be interested in swapping to Sophos as their Threat Protection Software.

This new three-year contract is costed in a different way and the prices are based on the number of devices in your school, not pupil numbers as per the previous contract.  Each Microsoft Windows school device or Apple Mac will need to be included in the upgrade so we are contacting you to gather essential background information in order to ensure your school gets an accurate quote.

Last updated: 10-10-2018

What is Office Message Encryption?

Office Message Encryption (OME) lets you send encrypted e-mails from Office 365 Outlook. It is available to all schools as part of their standard Office 365 A1 subscription. This means that the ability to send encrypted e-mails is available to everyone in a school, not just those with specially assigned Egress licences. OME does not appear to have any adverse effect on the Egress encryption that is already in place on North Yorkshire school Office 365 tenancies.


GDPR is looming large on the horizon, and it has probably got you reviewing how you handle personal data, in particular how you can better protect it from being lost or falling into the wrong hands. The risk of data being lost increases greatly when data is copied onto laptops or memory sticks and is then taken outside of the school. And if those laptops or memory sticks are not encrypted, then the chances of the data falling into the wrong hands increases as well. So what can you do to protect against such a disaster?

What is Mobile Device Management for Office 365?

Mobile Device Management (MDM) for Office 365 can help you secure and manage mobile devices like iPhones, iPads, Android devices, and Windows Phones used by licensed Office 365 users in your organization. You can create mobile device management policies with settings that can help control access to your organization’s Office 365 email and documents for supported mobile devices and apps. If a device is lost or stolen, you can remotely wipe the device to remove sensitive organizational information. And what is more, this is all available as part of your school's standard Office 365 without the need to purchase any additional subscriptions or add-ons.

Office 365 has numerous Security and Compliance features that you can use to keep your data safe and comply with data privacy and governance regulations. Many of these features are available as standard, bundled into the free Office 365 Education subscription. Others are available at an extra cost, and can be easily added for those users that might need them. The tables below summarise the features that are available, along with a couple of extra features that aren't directly related to Office 365 Security and Compliance, but are worth mentioning in this conversation. Read on to find out more.