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I'm interested in starting to move in to cloud storage. I will need help setting up the solution to begin with but have the option of opting out of on-going support. Staying in support also allows the Cirrus team to create staff and student accounts for me.

(Includes 1 Years New Users and Technical Support)

£120 Annual
New Users and Technical Support

Contact the Cirrus Team at Schools ICT for futher information

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I would like to move to a cloud based storage and information solution. The site needs to adapt to our changing needs and allow future expansion. Security & control is essential to our school and with annual support user access is handled for me.

(Includes 1 Years New Users and Technical Support)

£240 Annual
New Users and Technical Support

Contact the Cirrus Team at Schools ICT for futher information

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£300 per day
or £45 per hour

Looking to make improvements to your SharePoint or Website and need assistance? One of our developers will dedicate the required amount of time to work with you to achieve the desired outcome. Development time can be purchased as required on an hourly or daily basis so you never spend more than you need to, get in touch with us with your requirements for an estimate and quote.

What is SharePoint?

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SharePoint is a managed document storage solution from Microsoft. The SharePoint Online variant is a cloud based service provided as part of Office365, which schools receive for free from Microsoft. It's used as a tool to create storage solutions in different forms, from a VLE / Intranet to a managed document storage solution. The Cirrus team as part of Schools ICT have created a number of solutions targeted at schools and educational based services.

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The version of SharePoint that Schools ICT support is SharePoint Online. This means it is all built online and information is stored in the cloud. That means you can save all your files at work or home into SharePoint and retrieve them anywhere you have a connection to the internet. And with Office apps available for mobile devices, that means you can read or edit documents on your tablet or phone.

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SharePoint Key Features

  • Document Storage with Office Integration
  • Built in to Office365, which also provides Email, Calendars & Communication
  • Access 24/7
  • Range of supported devices, including Tablets and Smartphones.
  • Range of web parts including: News, Links, Lists, Calendars, Document Storage, Image Storage
  • AD Integration, allowing staff and students to use one password in and out of school
  • Teacher Customization
  • Website links
  • Image and video resources
  • Set homework
  • Engage Students:
  • View class homework & links
  • Student discussion boards
  • Upload work and collaborate with classmates on projects

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SharePoint hooks into Office programs with ease and allows you to create documents in the cloud using the "cut down" version of programs such as:

  • Word Online
  • PowerPoint Online
  • Excel Online
  • OneNote Online

And by storing and sharing your documents in SharePoint, you can easily collaborate with your colleagues, even "co-authoring" documents. With this techology, you can have up to 10 people editing the same Word, Excel or PowerPoint document at the same time.You can instantly see the changes those users make, which are flagged up so you can see who is doing what. And from directly within the app you can open a chat session with any of your co-authors to aid your collaboration further.

Comparison of our Serivces




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On - Site

Site Structure

Choice of up to 5 main sites with choice of apps on the homepage of each area.



Full custom site structure to suit business data requirements.

Site names, apps and libraries will be designed to suit your chosen structure. 


Security Levels

Content security is controlled at the top level of each site area. Users given access to a particular area will inherti read or contibute permissions.

Site editors have access to manage permissions and change site structure.

Multiple levels of bespoke security allowing you to control exactly which users can access which resources

Active Directory Sync

no flat

yes flatUsing Office 365 with AD Connect, users can have the same password to Office365 as they have locally on your network. This makes managing accounts, passwords, and security easier for your administrator particularly with large scale sites.

Workflows & Automation

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Workflows are ideal for automating processes to save valuble time.Common examples are policy approvals, form submissions, leave requests etc.


Document Templates

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Standardise important documents with templates for specific areas of your site.  This is ideal for documents which need completing with specific criteria. This is also useful to prevent duplicate versions of current forms being in place.

Custom Office 365 Branding

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Office 365 is customised to your branding using logos and colours on the navigation bar and main Office 365 login page

On Site Training

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Training for your staff on how to use and manage the site at a time convenient to you.

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Training for your staff on how to use and manage the site at a time convenient to you.