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Share information across the school while controlling who has access to what. Display school calendars, news feeds and links to websites. Provide dedicated areas for the school office, school governors, teachers or students to share information and work.

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Store files securely yet still get to them from anywhere; home, school or on the move. Access on the web, or using desktop or mobile apps. Easily share files with colleagues, making collaboration a breeze.


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 Instant messaging, video conferencing, audio calls and screen sharing. See who's online at a glance with presence information. Cut down on travel costs for meetings, or invite guest speakers from around the world.


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& Calendars

 Access e-mail and calendars via web browser, desktop or mobile apps. Stay in touch wherever you are and across all devices. Share your calendar with colleagues, or allow someone to manage your calendar on your behalf. 


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 Organise everything in one place; typed notes, handwritten notes, pictures, videos, files, audio recordings. Add extra notebooks, sections and pages to keep everything just as you like it. And don't worry about saving work - it happens automatically. Access on the web, or using desktop or mobile apps.

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& Compliance

 Are you worried about GDPR compliance? Would you like to let your staff use their mobile phones to access e-mail, but you are worried about data security? Then you'll just love the Security and Compliance features that are built into Office 365.

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Teams & more...

Bring people, conversations, files, and tools into a single online space, so everyone has instant access to everything they need. Work and share documents directly within Teams using the familiar office apps. Conversation threads mean everyone stays up to date even if they are out of the office for a few days.

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There is a whole bunch of apps and tools available within Office 365 which can be used both to help with learning, and to just generally create more engaging and accessible content that you can then easily share with others.

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Modern technology means that you are no longer tied to the office when it comes to doing your work. That is assuming your work involves sitting at a computer, writing documents, updating databases, sending e-mails and the like. If you're a lion tamer then, well, maybe not so much use. But let’s assume you fall into the former category, and you'd like to know what you can do at your school to be able to work remotely; from home, from the beach, the train or anywhere. 

Office 365

You might just know Office 365 as an e-mail system. But, believe me, it is so much more than that. To quickly highlight the main points:

  • OneDrive - Personal online storage. Access your files from anywhere.
  • SharePoint - Shared storage for the whole school. It's your shared staff folder but on the web
  • Office Online - Create and edit Word, OneNote, PowerPoint, and Excel documents from a browser.
  • E-mail and Calendars - Stay in touch all the time.
  • Skype for Business - Instant messaging, video conferencing and more.
  • School video portal - Easily manage and share videos across your school.

And that's not all. To find out more just visit Microsoft's Office 365 for Education Website.

If you are particularly interested in SharePoint and how it might be able to transform the sharing and collaboration of information and work in your school then Schools ICT can supply a range of SharePoint solutions to meet your needs. Click here for more details.

So, in summary, if you just want to work on Word or Excel files when you're not in the office, check your e-mail and calendar, and maybe share these files with other people in your school, then Office 365 is what you're looking for. Oh, and did I mention that it's FREE. 

Using SIMS From Home

If you are wanting to use SIMS from home, or another school then you'll need Schools ICT's Remote Access Server solution. This solution allows for programs that you currently have to be in school to use, to be published via a webpage and so made available wherever you can get online. The most obvious use of this solution is to make SIMS available for school staff to work on from home. However, it can also provide access to other programs you might want to use from home, such as RM Finance. It is also an ideal solution for confederated or collaborating schools who want SIMS for all schools to available from any site.

Unfortunately this solution isn't free. The solution is provided on a school by school basis, and the cost will depend very much on the current server that is in place at your school. Anything from a few hundred pounds, if you've got a server we can just upgrade, to a few thousand pounds if we need to replace your current server. However, as and when you have to replace your server at school, you can ask to have this solution put in place as part of the overall school server replacement. 

Solution Summary

So, to sum things up:

  •  If all you want to do is access files, whether you are in school or at home then Office 365 is the solution for you.
  • If you want to run SIMS from home or another school then Schools ICT's Remote Access Server solution is what you need.

If you’re interested in either of these solutions then please get in touch with Schools ICT


Published by Russell Dodson on November 24, 2015