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Choose Your Website Package

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Content Management System


Content Management System

from £810

from £810

1 - 10 Users 1 - 1000+ Users

WordPress sites are suited to primary schools and small businesses needing a simple effective website.

We recommend WordPress for users who require a visually striking design, with simple content addition for a limited number of staff.

Read more about why we like WordPress

Joomla is suited to larger schools and businesses needing a large multi user web environment.

We recommend Joomla for users who require a professional modern web design. The advanced content management capability enables users to manage and edit content at multiple levels and with more flexibility. Site visitors and web editors can work at many different security levels and have access to different content.

Read more about why we like Joomla

Security and Maintenance - Free in the first year

Year 2 Ongoing Annual Fee : Security & Maintenance Package £165


Free by Telephone

Free at County Hall, Northallerton

£100 On Site

Basic Package includes

2 days Development and Build time

1 day Training and Design

Additional development time can be built into your quote for any further development / content required

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How Would You Like To Update Your Website ?

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We will manage the content of your website for the first year at no extra cost (at tier 1).

After this you will automatically be moved onto our managed service which will renew yearly.

  A half day on-site training course that will cover every aspect of managing the website content yourself. Once complete we will hand the website over to you to manage.

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Do You Require Any Additional Services ?

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Once you have chosen your package, either order direct through or contact the Cirrus Team on 01609 536086 (Option 1)