Find out how our social media and marketing strategies can help you promote your school or business, and communicate effectively with potential new parents or customers.

Social Media

With 62% of people in the UK using social media*, it's time to expand your reach...

Social media is becoming ever more prevalent in our modern society, and is a great tool both for promoting your school or business, and communicating effectively with your audience. Schools ICT can help you set up and learn to maintain a social media presence using a wide variety of platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Using our social media services, we will help you to:

  • Decide what form of social media would suit your needs best
  • Brand your page so your users can easily identify you
  • Learn tips for best practice, such as how to post, what to post, and tips to engage with your users
  • Help with creation of policies for your school or business
  • Linking your social media with your website

Contact the Cirrus Team for further information, and how we can assist you

*The Statstics Portal, January 2017

Many of us use social media to keep in contact with friends and family, to find out what’s been happening and share personal experiences.  It’s quick and easy to use and can consist of a short message, an inspirational image or links to follow to find out more. 

For a school it’s very similar, but the focus is on promoting activities of the whole school with the aim of:

  • Raising the profile of the school
  • Enhancing the school’s reputation
  • Demonstrating capabilities, facilities and methods of teaching
  • Reaching out to potential new students and their parents

Getting started with using social media for a school can be a bit daunting, but Schools ICT has developed a service that can help a school set up and get going.