Ofsted and Website Health Check

Ofsted and Website Health Check

The quality of content on your website is important and is a feature of an Ofsted inspection, so your inspector will have an impression of your school before they have even walked through the door. It is therefore very important to have a well-presented site, that puts the school forward in a positive light and with easy access to everything your visitors may need to look for.

cirrus health layHow can Schools ICT help?

Our Website Health Check, containing all the Ofsted and North Yorkshire County Council requirements, ensures that your website will have everything on it that is required for your Ofsted check. At a one off cost of £100 we will go through your site and produce a report on what is missing, helping you get up to date quickly.

Whether you want us to run through our Ofsted health check on an existing website, or create a brand new site, we ensure all of these checks are done so your site is handed back over to you as prepared as it can possibly be. We even offer a Managed Service so if you would prefer we maintain your site for you, we are happy to help.

As well as checking your site against Ofsted requirements, our health check will also identify any issues with your website. We perform a variety of checks and make recommendations to improve your website based on our years of experience. We check such things as:

  • Ofsted Legislation and Local Governent recommendations
  • Speed and efficiency of your website and files
  • Design and layout (including responsive testing)
  • Accessibility
  • Quality of data
  • and many others

We will then provide you with a comprehensive list of issues that we find, as well as advice on how to go about resolving these issues.

Why would Ofsted look at my website?

Ofsted have a checklist of 35 requirements that must feature on your website in order to help achieve the top “Outstanding” rating for your school. This is because your website must be seen to be providing useful, accurate and up-to-date information to the community, in order to best serve prospective and current parents and students.

What are they looking for?

The list that Ofsted runs through includes making sure that information, such as your term dates, is up to date and accurate and that information parents need to know, such as transport arrangements to and from school and uniform requirements, is easily available. Ofsted also wants to ensure that performance data is easily visible to allow parents to get an accurate idea of Key Stage Results and what their child is learning, therefore it is important that these feature prominently on the site.




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